Project B2-RBP Interconnect Detailed Design Project


Client: Arrow Energy
Location: Surat Basin, QLD
Scope: Engineering and Design
Project Length:


Oil & Gas


Engineering and Design of an 80TJ/day bi-directional flow metering station and interconnecting pipeline to connect the Braemar 2 Gas Pipeline (B2GP) and the Daandine Export Gas Pipeline (DEGP) to the Roma Brisbane Pipeline (RBP).

Key Achievements

  • Delivered integrated multi-discipline detailed design of the metering station and pipeline interconnect on time and on budget;
  • Design and modification of the new and existing station control systems to facilitate new bi-directional flow cases;
  • Long lead items identified and procured in the early phase of the project to assist with client requirements for early completion;
  • Complete pipeline design to AS2885.1, including Fracture Control, Cathodic Protection with Pipeline foreign crossing detail, and methodology prepared.

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