Node 4 Commissioning Project


Client: Arrow Energy
Location: Bowen Basin, QLD
Scope: Pre-commissioning and commissioning
Project Length:


Oil & Gas


Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities of 27km carbon steel Node 4 Transport Pipeline and Node 4 Gathering System, comprising of 33 wellhead connections.

Key Achievements

  • Preparation of Commissioning procedures;
  • Commissioning risk assessment activities;
  • Preparation and approval of AS2885 Operational Documents;
  • On-site pre-commissioning activities;
  • Nitrogen leak test of Node 4 Transport Pipeline;
  • Introduction of gas into Node 4 Transport Pipeline;
  • Nitrogen purging and introduction of gas into Node 4 Gathering System;
  • Preparation and delivery of operations training package and handover;
  • Project delivered ahead of schedule and below budget estimate.

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We are pleased to announce that we have changed the name of one of our key subsidiaries, OSD Pty Ltd to Verbrec Infrastructure Services Pty Ltd as of 17 October 2022.

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