Active Minerals International and OSD Limited collaborate to lead the mining industry in hydro transport.

October 29, 2018 – Active Minerals International (AMI) and OSD Pty Ltd (OSD) of Australia have entered into a binding agreement that has the potential to provide a step change in transportation costs to the mining industry via hydro transportation (slurry) of lump coal and magnetite via pipeline.

OSD and AMI have come together to provide this innovative hydro transport solution which has the potential to significantly reduce OPEX, CAPEX and environmental impact when compared to traditional transportation solutions. This cooperation lays the framework for jointly sharing intellectual property, pairing OSD’s pipeline engineering and operations expertise with AMI’s innovative low dose additive, Acti-Gel ® 208, to bring next-generation solutions to mining clients. This agreement covers Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

“To maintain a competitive edge, the mining industry is continually looking for innovative ways to transport product safer, cheaper and with a reduced environmental footprint. OSD and AMI have a solution, and it’s exciting to provide this innovation to our clients,” commented Brian O’Sullivan, OSD’s Chairman.

“By demonstrating this OSD and AMI innovative work, Australia has the ability to provide a world-leading new way of mine product transportation that will set a new benchmark,” commented Dennis Parker, AMI President.

The two companies will first employ their expertise to develop opportunities to design, build and support the operation of magnetite and coal hydro transport slurry pipelines.

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Photo credit – OSD Limited / New Century Resources

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OSD is a leading engineering, operations and commercial services provider that provides whole life services, including oil & gas pipelines & facilities, process & refining, water & hydro transport. OSD has significant expertise in the engineering, project delivery and operations of hydro transport pipelines. For more information about OSD, please visit

About AMI

AMI is the world’s largest supplier of highly purified magnesium aluminosilicate, gellant attapulgite and air-float kaolin products for mining, drilling, concrete, plaster and a wide range of specialty applications. For more information about Acti-Gel® 208 admixture, please visit

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